Black Spadez Media Group

Black Spadez Media Group is the more transformed version of GS Media.   

Black Spadez Media Group (BSM) originally began as GS Media in 2012 with a just D3200 Nikon camera by myself, Gabriel (GS). I had my first photo shoot with my brother. I would later go on to invest in lighting, dj controllers, a small home studio, and a speaker system.  Although, the business is still small and growing, I look forward to doing more media work.  


- Be one of the top DJs in the world

- Create a full on media marketing company in which artists can all media services in on stop

- Create more opportunities for my people

- Make Dallas the Mecca for our style of music, fashion, and artistry

Artists I've worked with

Cuban Kenny, Dallas Lil Dre, Uno Loso, Lonestar RBGs, Mondo Brown, D Gulley, MoneyTrain Ent. and many more to come....